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Splash Magazines:
Pacific Opera Project’s The Monkey’s Paw and The Medium Review – Spooky and Oddball Halloween Treats
by Georja Umano
“It is a bit long and drawn out affair as Flora goes deeper into madness, but it is played to a tee. Difficult arias and negative emotions with big actions on stage. Lopez as Flora never misses a beat and take the stage with her singing, ranting and raving in a real tour de force.”

Opera Wire:
Pacific Opera Project 2017-18 – The Monkey’s Paw & The Medium: Double Bill Enchants & Sets Perfect Halloween Mood
by Maria Nockin
“Maria Dominique Lopez created an interesting character as Madame Flora. A con artist who cheats grieving parents out their money by offering them false chances to see and hear their dead children, she is also a drunk who batters her special needs son and threatens her daughter. Lopez, who sang with glorious low notes convinced the audience that she had all of the above traits, but was still a mother who tried to support her children.”

Living Out Loud:
Review: Pacific Opera Project’s Double Bill of The Monkey’s Paw and The Medium Will Haunt You
by Humberto Capiro
“As the tormented and conniving “Baba,” Lopez gave a tour-de-force performance which combines excellent acting with gorgeous, rich vocals as she questions her sanity by the end of the opera.”